Inventive Use of Foliage

by MJG 4. September 2008 05:29

A good customer of ours was kind enough to send us pictures of some of her work recently. She does wedding cakes for a living and had asked that we provide her with some leaves to use for a "camo wedding cake." I think you'll find that she did a great job accommodating this Canadian couples wedding wishes. Note the woodlands camouflage table cloth! They are very passionate about hunting up north of the border I suppose.

image    image

The leaves used to create this unique wedding look came from the Fall and Green Canadian Maple Branches from our sister site This particular customer allowed us to show her work but decided to not share her business information as she works on a referral basis only.

If you'd like to see YOUR work featured here, please use our Contact Page and send us pictures of your handiwork and give us your business and contact information.

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