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Kinkade Studios

Custom Made Artificial Trees and Large Commercial Artificial Trees

Custom artificial trees are built by our craftsmen from synthetic foliage and real tree branches. We also offer a selection of trees greater than 8' tall for both home and commercial spaces. Select from tropical, evergreen or foliage artificial trees. We even sell taller fruit and flowering trees.

Custom Made Artificial Trees and Large Commercial Artificial Trees are perfect for filling large spaces or when you have a unique decorating need. In addition to a large selection of Artificial Trees, we build custom trees for Commercial and Decorator Applications. Additionally we have built many varieties of artificial trees, including bamboo, black olive, maple trees, fruit and flowering trees. We have also built many one of a kind "fantasy" trees. Put our experience to work for you. If you have a project you are trying to complete please contact us and let's see how we can't work together to fulfill your needs! 

Large Artificial Trees 8'+

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