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Pots, Planters & Vases

Basket, Pots, Planters & Vases are a necessity to comple a floral project. It's all in the pot. One of the best ways to enhance and show off your favorite artificial plant or silk flower arrangement and to create the mood you want is to choose the right Container. Our selection of Containers includes urns, moss-covered pots for an added touch of nature, terra cotta pots, and a variety of metal and ceramic Containers, and baskets in assorted sizes and colors.

In this catgory you will fine Baskets, Bowls, Glass Containers, Ceramic Pots & Vases, Metal Containors, Wire Containors, Urns and Terrariums. With hundreds of choices, I am sure you will find exactly what is right for you,

Baskets, Pots. Planters, Urns and Bowls add the finishing touch to your project.


Bowls - Ceramic, Metal, Glass

Ceramic Pots & Vases

Glass Vases & Containers

Metal Containers





Wire Baskets and other Wire Containers

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