Artificial Plants and Silk Flowers

Cleaning your artificial plants and silk flowers doesn't have to be an arduous task that takes hours out of your day or more dollars out of your pocket. We at Kinkade Studios offer not only great looking and resilient artificial flowers and plants, but we offer some simple steps in keeping your silk trees, artificial plants and your artificial flowers looking great year round.

Buying the
artificial plant cleaners can become costly and in the long run,
your plants will still have dirt and film on the leaves. Cleaning your
leaves with a sponge one leaf at a time will take a great amount of time,
too. We want you to be happy with your plants for the duration that you have them and if you follow these simple steps to clean your
artificial plants, you'll be sure to have beautiful looking silk plants, flowers and trees.

After you buy your
artificial plant or your artificial flower arrangement,
you have already fluffed it up and positioned the stems and branches to your liking. The plant now sits right where it needs to be, but after about 3 to 6 months a nice layer of dust and dirt will collect on your leaves. What do you do? Dusting your artificial plant only does so much, so now you want to find out what the best way is to clean your
silk tree or plant.

Whether it's an artificial tree, a
silk plant or silk flowers, test it to
make sure that your plant will take well to some tap water. Remove one leaf from an inconspicuous portion of your artificial plant and rinse it with
some tap water and shake it out. After a few minutes, check the leaf to see
how shiny it is.

After your have tested your leaf, the best thing to do is to take the plant
outside and dust it with a feather duster. This will remove most of the dust
and prime your plant for it's cleaning. Then check your
artificial plant,
tree or flower arrangement to make sure that the filler isn't some kind of
paper such as newspaper. You will most certainly end up with a mess on your hands. If your
artificial plant or tree does, we offer a wonderful array of Spanish moss to our customers, or find some at your local floral supply
store. If you plant is in a brass or copper like pot, find something to
protect it with as brass, copper or the like will get water stains and
tarnish fairly easily.

Make sure that you have your
silk plant or silk tree on a cemented area like a patio or a driveway and is near a water hose. If you have a spray nozzle on your hose, you're in good shape, if not, just make sure that you spray the water at your artificial plant rather than dousing it. Spray your plant thoroughly with the hose, and when you're done, shake the artificial tree or plant lightly to get most of the water off.

After you are finished with spraying and shaking out your silk plant or your
silk tree, allow it to dry in the sun for a few hours.

This regimen is good to do about ever 3 to 6 months, and in between those times, we suggest that you use a good feather duster to keep your
artificial plants looking fresh and new.


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