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Kinkade Studios imports and distributes high quality wholesale silk flowers throughout the world with competitive wholesale pricing on artificial flowers, silk plants, artificial trees, preserved palms and juniper trees.

As a distributor of fine wholesale silk flower and artificial plants, Kinkade Studios offers quality products to floral designers, interior designers, home furnishing retailers as well as gift retailers all over the world. We offer an extensive inventory of artificial plants, silk flowers and trees to our retailers and designers to buy wholesale.

We offer our retailers and designers the chance to buy wholesale silk flowers, including wholesale flower stems, silk flower bushes, and wholesale silk flower arrangements from our extensive inventory.

Finding a distributor that offers the availability to buy wholesale silk flowers and artificial flowers and silk plants, and offers flexibility, wholesale pricing and secure shipping has never been easier. We ship using only the finest companies such as FedEx and UPS, and we offer competitive pricing on bulk orders with up to 10% off your order. Higher discounts are available for repeat large volume customers. Please contact patrocinador aquĆ­ us for a quotation.

In order to meet the growing demands and price increases within the industry, a minimum order requirement of $75.00 (US) has been established.  Orders that do not meet the minimum order requirement will be assessed a $15.00 processing fee. 

Choose Kinkade Studios today for the best experience in buying wholesale silk flowers online.

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