Spider Lily Hair Clips for the Tropical Feel…

by MJG 28. February 2009 04:13

Cabbage Patch kid modelling Mieko's custom-made hair clips. Frank and Mieko, customers of ours from Hawaii, sent us images of the hair clips that Mieko makes out of artificial Spider Lily that she sells at local craft fairs around Honolulu. Unfortunately, the model at right (a cabbage patch kid doll) is slightly dwarfed by the flowers. On a normal-sized human head, these would add a great tropical flair to any outfit.

Artificial Spider Lillies arranged and glued together to make a tropical fashion statement! At left is a closer view of how she arranges the flowers before hot-gluing them to a hair clip. This is a great way to make inexpensive fashion accessories; not only can you order flowers in any color, shape and size to make your own hair clips, you also use flowers from that silk flower arrangement that you have decided to cycle off the living room table and hadn’t quite figured out what to do with them…

If you have any thoughts about the creative use that Mieko has put our flowers to, please feel free to begin the conversation using the comments section below. If you have pictures of some of YOUR handywork that you’d like to share with us, please use the contact us form to send your information and pictures.


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