Silk Lotus Stems

Silk Lotus is an elegant flower. The Artificial Silk Lotus Flower Stems is a great accent or primary flower for a floral arrangement. The fake Lotus flowers are very realistic looking. Chinese Lotus sprays are a great addition to your craft project.

The genus Lotus (Bird's-foot Trefoil, Trefoil or Deervetch) contains approximately 150 species distributed world-wide. Lotus is a genus of legume and its members are adapted to a wide range of habitats, from coastal environments to high altitudes. Most species have leaves with three leaflets, but also two large stipules at the base roughly equal in size to the leaflets, thus appearing to have five leaflets; some species have pinnate leaves with up to 15 leaflets. The flowers are in clusters of 3-10 together at the apex of a stem with some basal leafy bracts, pea-flower shaped, vivid yellow or orange, occasionally red.

Silk Lotus Stems are a perfect flower to highlight in a floral project add some artificial greenery to complete the look.

25" medium Lotus Spray - Pink/Green - 6 each
Base SKU:0-33849-11570-3
In Stock:Yes
Price: $75.95 

27" Lotus Fruit Spray Green - per dozen
Base SKU:0-33849-72188-1
In Stock:Yes
Price: $54.95 


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