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If you are a new customer to this site, this probably won't apply to you but if you are interested in ready, please feel free to! However, if you are a returning customer we'd like to first off thank you for your past business. Your continued support has helped us continue to move this company forward.

Returning customers will most likely note that something has changed here. We certainly think, and hope you'll agree, this change is for the better. We've finally finished the conversion of the old site technology that was create in the current century. We hope that by moving to this newer platform, we are going to be able to offer you a much higher level of customer service. We will now be better able to provide customer service as all notes and communications should be tracked through the website. The site should be much faster, with more accurate searches than in the past.

But more importantly, by moving to a modern technology that we have direct control over the databases and application, we intend over the coming months to get tighter integration into our supply chain to better ensure that if you buy something online, we can have a much higher assurance that this items is still available. We will be tied in directly into our own internal inventory and will be able to get tighter integration with the various vendors we work with to provide you with the great product that you are accustomed to seeing from us.

Unfortunately, we could NOT make this a seemless transistion on your part. Your accounts have been imported into our new system, but in the interest of security, your passwords have not been carried over from the old system to the new one.

The following steps will help guide you through the process of requesting a new password be sent to you. You can login in clicking on the login link at the top of the page or by clicking here.

Also, your login is now your email address rather than the login name you used on the previous system. So, the first time you try and log in, you'll need to use the forgotten password feature.

After putting your email address in the appropriate field and pressing the "Request A New Password" button, you will be notified that a new, temporary password has been emailed to you.

Please go check your email for a message from Sales @ with a subject of " Password". Inside you'll find your new, temporary password. When you come back and use this login for the first time, you'll find that you come to a screen forcing you to change it. When it asks for your "Old" password, it is referring to your temporary password, NOT the password from the old website.

If you are still having problems logging into the site, you can use our Contact Us form or give us a call for assistance.

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